Trend: The Health Conscious Workplace

Catering, Lunch & Snack Options that Your Employees Will Love

Five Easy Ways to Turn Food into Fuel at the Office

What will you serve at your next employee meeting? You might be surprised to learn that pizza is out, fresh salads, smoothies, gluten-free items are in. 

According to our Food in the Workplace survey of over 1,000 office employees, an overwhelming majority (81 percent) want healthy options, when it comes to the type of food workers want served at company meetings and events. 

Check out our guide for edible ideas that will get your employees excited to grab a lunch plate, but won't put them to sleep by 3 p.m. Topics include:

  • Ingredients to look for on restaurant menus to appeal to health conscious employees 
  • Perfect healthy catering menus for breakfast and lunch meetings 
  • Alternatives for the typical sweet treats served at office celebrations and events
  • Creative ideas for around the office to get employees involved in improving their health 

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